First and Foremost COVID 19 is a public health Crisis and the most important response is coming from the front lines. In hospitals, emergency services and care facilities. We must extend our sincere gratitude to those dedicated individuals for putting their health at risk, day after day in service to others and to our nation. The forceful measures we as a country have taken as a country has brought our economy to an abrupt halt.

Many businesses have closed, people have been asked to stay home and basic social interaction has been curtailed. People have been putting their lives and livelihood on hold at siginificant economic and personal cost. All of us are affected but most of the burdens are falling on most least able to carry them. As a society we must do everything we can to provide support for those who are doing the most for the public good.

This series of images are my salute to those dedicated HEROES who have sacrificed the most to insure we carry on a a decent and caring people. See More

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