About Paul Aresu

Yes, that is Paul Ice Climbing…

Paul is an accomplished lifestyle, adventure and portrait photographer & director based in New York. His impressive range includes personal projects such as his series “Jazz Musicians,” as well as contemporary street photography and carefully discovered sports stories. Whether crafting classic black and white images of jazz legends in studio or striving to spontaneously capture the life and culture of New York City, Paul’s images are organic in feel and buoyant in spirit.

“If the project is a portrait, we create an environment of comfort and collaboration, which maximizes the opportunity for the subject to reveal something about them. We are often told that the subject has an extremely limited time frame, so we prepare for that. Since we create a comfortable environment, the subject ends up staying longer, which allows us to create even more together.” 

“I love the production of photography itself, especially the big productions. There’s something about having a big team together on a project that gets me excited. I love that energy.”- Paul Aresu

He’s worked for editorial and advertising clients ranging from Robin Hood Foundation and  Rolling Stone Magazine, Maytag, Microsoft, to Nike and Under Armour. Each shoot brings its own challenges, but Paul is known for keeping the mood light and positive, while keeping the production on track. “I am calm even on the most ambitious shoot schedules,” notes Paul, who has photographed all manner of elite athletes, business moguls and real people on location and in studio. “I carefully research each of my shoots, learn everything I can about a subject, and then I let myself go and focus on features and locations that strike me as visually interesting. 

I always have a plan, but it’s not fixed, it’s a guideline that must be allowed to change, to find those best spontaneous and natural moments. I remain receptive to the pleasure and mysteries of true exploration.”

Light is the essence of my storytelling, I’m inspired by the George Eastman quote; “Embrace light. Admire it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.”

Excellent taste, a sharp eye for composition and lighting, and a passion for connecting with his subjects are at the heart of Paul’s work. Paul was honored to be one of the original Canon Explorer of Light Masters. Paul is a committed collaborator. He has the confidence of someone who knows he can get the job done, delivering the greatest number of options with the least amount of stress. The final images are the result of the combined efforts of the creative director, art director, production designers, art department, hair, make-up and wardrobe stylists. 

Paul lives a life of photography and motion, adventure and music, combining his career as a photographer/ director with his love of sports, rock climbing, extreme skiing, jazz and blues. Paul’s career was inspired by his father, a successful portrait photographer in NYC. “I’m always happy behind the lens,” says Paul. “I enjoy the creative flow. I want our clients to come away from every experience with me and my crew, thinking that they would like to collaborate with us again.”