About Paul Aresu

Up early at 6:00 AM. Maybe catch the sunrise if I’m lucky. Put on clothes (usually all black). Baseball cap. Apple watch. Take the train into Grand Central. Grab a venti cup of Pike’s Roast with half & half. Get to work. 

My studio is located in Flatiron, but as a portrait and lifestyle photographer I am at work whenever I’m out in the world. I’m an extrovert in the truest sense, and love connecting with people. My brain is constantly running through new and exciting ideas for new projects. Photography to me is about the creative flow and collaborative energy. It’s about listening and internalizing input from my team, giving my own conceptual ideas, and taking the project to the next level.

I come in with a plan, but it’s not fixed. I bring with me developed taste and a sharp eye for composition and lighting, ready to embrace change and experimentation. I follow spontaneity and natural moments and this has brought many of the highlights of my career. 

“I love the production of photography itself, especially the big productions. There’s something about having a big team together on a project that gets me excited. I love that energy.”- Paul Aresu

I love being a professional photographer because I take that energy from shooting and bring it home with me to my wife Nancy, two boys, and my two cats Oreo and Cocoa. We keep an active and healthy home: running, skiing, climbing, and golfing. Personally, I also have a strong love of music and can be found producing music in my home studio or out playing guitar with my band.